White Asparagus D.O. Navarre (extra thick)


White Asparagus D.O. Navarre (extra thick)

$14.00 18.3 oz Jar

Authentic, extra thick, white asparagus D.O. (Designation of Origin) land of the Ebro River valley.The autonomous regions of Navarre, amongst softly scattered hills and small mountain ranges, and only asparagus receives the designation White asparagus, with delicate texture, uniqueness from the land, the cold nights in the production area, cultivation.

The asparagus is planted during February, with stems beginning to grow in spring and continuing throughout the summer, accumulating reserves in the roots to sprout the following year. During the second year in March, ridging is carried out; the small pile of earth along the plant line allows the sprouts to come up without reaching the sunlight. It’s this lack of sunlight that gives the asparagus the traditional white color.

18.3 oz Jar


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