Sherry Vinegar Gran Reserva D.O. Vinagre de Jerez


Sherry Vinegar Gran Reserva D.O. Vinagre de Jerez

$14.00 8.5 oz Bottle

Authentic, extra thick,white asparagus D.O. (Designation of Origin) Navarre is emblematic of the fertile land of the Ebro River valley.

Our gran reserva sherry vinegar, denomination of origin Vinagre de Jerez, is produced with the traditional solera system in the Jerez region of Spain, well—known for the highest quality vinegar, Aged a minimum of 10 years, the vinegar develops a rich mahogany color, a silky texture, and an ample, well-balanced flavor with afternotes of dried fruits and spices. A “pro chef secret ingredient that can be hard to find… ‘lt’s one of those ingredients that takes no skill but takes your food up three notches”, said chef Justin Large. Use it to make authentic gazpacho, or try it with one of the recipes below.

The traditional solera process begins with sherry wine and consists of oak barrels stacked atop each other, the bottom row home to the oldest vinegar, or the “solera”. No more than a third of this vinegar is removed for bottling and replaced by the equivalent from liquid in the row of barrels above, the process repeated skyward until the top of the stack where the youngest vinegar is added. Overtime the vinegar matures, the original flavor of the wine taking on notes from the oak barrels and eventually realizing the intense flavor chefs seek.

The Consejo Regulador de la DOP Vinagre de Jerez, the regulatory council overseeing the production of all authentic sherry vinegar in the region, awards gran reserva status to vinegar with a certified age of more than ten years.

8.5 oz Jar.


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