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Hometown Sausage Kitchen Today

Hometown specializes in fresh ground pork and poultry sausages with over 20 different varieties and small batched products that include signature bacons, hams and poultry. Guided by community citizenship, HSK are now sourcing local ingredients and meats raised by area farmers to make delicious artisan sausages and custom meat products.

Our efforts have been rewarded with USDA Certification (#18370) and NSF certification, as well as a proud member of Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors.

Our History

More than forty years ago, a young Austrian by the name of John Vogel began crafting his own homemade sausages. Over time, he perfected his craft drawing inspiration from a dream of one day bringing his sausage recipes to the United States

Shortly after, John found himself in East Troy, Wisconsin, where he founded Hometown Sausage Kitchen with his wife, Dolores. John and Dolores built Hometown Sausage Kitchen into a thriving enterprise by remaining loyal to the original recipes brought over from Austria.

In 2011, after living out the American Dream, they retired, hanging up their aprons and selling what was the last independent butcher shop in East Troy to skilled chefs John Hudoc, Thomas Cicero and Lynn Lein, a local farmer from nearby Yuppie Hill Poultry.

Hitting the ground running John, Thomas and Lynn quickly picked up where the Vogel’s left off after assuring the couple they would maintain the company’s rich heritage in East Troy.


The two Chefs that make up the Heart and Soul (or should we say "ingredients and recipes") of Hometown Sausage Kitchen.

John Hudoc

Managing Chef

John’s vision and desire are the genesis of Hometown Sausage Kitchen. His practical and thorough approach empowers those around him to create truly unique culinary offerings while maintaining a productive and responsible business. While watching John work, wether it’s during production of their famous meats or interacting with locals at food markets and dinners, John conveys…

Thomas Cicero

Executive Chef

His creative approach to the menu, event hosting, time in the kitchen and smokehouse, all of Thomas’s experience can be found in every delicious bite. Thomas’s culinary passion is integral to the success of Hometown Sausage Kitchen. His creative approach to the menu, event hosting, time in the kitchen and smokehouse, all of Thomas’s experience can…

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