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Award winning handcrafted sausages and artisan smoked meats. Hormone and pesticide free. Made with locally sourced ingredients, USDA certified.
Proud recipient of the 2017 East Troy Business of The Year Award.

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Artisan Meats

Unique recipes with worldly flare sure to sate. Capitalizing on our culinary training, we infuse traditional meat packing with cultivated ideas to bring you the most surprising and satisfying experience.

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Culinary Events

Dinner hosting to private affairs, our menu will please! We truly love hosting dinners for our local community as well as humbly accepting guest menu honors at regional restaurants.

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Custom and private label meats for small or corporate palettes. We work with local businesses and even individuals, as well as large corporations on private label meat offerings.

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Phone: (262) 642-3264

Add: W1184 County Road L, East Troy, WI

Email: info@hometownsausagekitchen.com

Article in Lake and Country Magazine

Pretty exciting news. We¬†are featured in the Summer 2017 edition of the Lake and Country Magazine published for Southeastern Wisconsin…